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Travel photographers, professional and enthusiast alike, are filled with an amazing feeling of wonder at what awaits them in front of the lens. They have a sense of wanderlust that runs through their heart and soul. They travel to take pictures and they take pictures to travel—often getting up before sunrise and staying out all night—sometimes in freezing or sweltering conditions.


Travel photographers have other things in common: they are constantly learning, sharing, and growing.


Photo Wonders of the World was co-founded in April 2022 by professional photographers, photo educators and world travelers Ian Plant and Rick Sammon. Combined, Rick and Ian have traveled to more than 150 countries; sometimes leading photo workshops and photo tours, sometimes to build their own portfolios, and sometimes just for fun. Rick and Ian, who became good friends after Ian sent Rick an amazing gift basket while he was recovering from a broken ankle in 2021, share many of the same photo philosophies, one of which runs through this web site: If you’re not having fun, you are doing something wrong.


Join Rick and Ian, and other talented photographers, on the wonderful journey of exploring and photographing our planet. 



Ian’s interest in our world’s wonders, and passion for travel, has taken him around the globe, where he has photographed many different landscapes and wildlife subjects. His goal is to inspire and educate others in the art of photography, resulting in best-selling online classes and ebooks. His enthusiasm is contagious.

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Rick has been fascinated with the wonders of our world for decades. Early on in his career, he spent three years photographing underwater wonders – exclusively. In 1991, his coffee-table book, Seven Underwater Wonders of the World, was published. Since then, Rick has published a total of 43 books; he types fast. Rick also has 30+ online classes; he talks fast.

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