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Let’s face it. Life is short.


In the end, it will happen to us all. It’s only a matter of time before you ride the pale horse. Shuffle off your mortal coil. Take your last bow. Meet your maker. Hand in your dinner pail. Give up the ghost. Buy the farm. Answer the final summons. Bite the big one. I think you know what we mean.


But before you assume room temperature, there are a few places in this wide world which you really should see (and photograph). And that's part of the reason we launched this site, to provide you with an inspirational resource of places and subjects you should photograph before you—ahem—kick the bucket.

Here are a few ideas to help you build your own bucket list:

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  • Keep a list somewhere with links to all of your favorite Wonders from the newsletter and that you discover as you explore this site. Copy the URL for each Wonder and include it in the list. Arrange the list in descending order, with your favorite Wonders at the top.

So before you go to your reward, let us help you reward yourself with some of the most incredible photography on the planet!