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Angel Falls

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Why a Wonder: Angel Falls in Venezuela is the world's highest waterfall, falling 3,212 feet down the sheer cliff of Auyantepui Mountain. Surrounded by jaw-dropping wilderness scenery, this is easily one of the world's most photogenic places!

Where: Angel Falls is located deep in the heart of the remote wilderness jungle of Canaima National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Gran Sabana region of southeastern Venezuela. To visit the falls, you need to first fly to the town of Canaima, Venezuela.

From there, a 4-hour boat ride up the Churun River gets you to the area below the falls; a moderate hike takes you from the river to the base of the falls. This is a very remote area, so camping below the falls and spending a few nights maximizes your chances of making stunning photos.

You can also schedule a flyover tour of the falls if you'd prefer to see it from the air. For the truly adventurous, book a multi-day hiking trek that takes you to the top of Auyantepui Mountain, with an exciting rappel down the cliffs next to the falls! It doesn't really matter how you visit the falls, any way will be the trip of a lifetime.

When: Flyovers can be scheduled year-round, but travel to the base of the falls requires a visit during the rainy season (June through November). During other times of the years, water levels might not be high enough for the boat trip upriver.

Photography: Some of the best views are from the Churun River near the base of the falls, and if you camp overnight, you can easily do sunrise, sunset, and night photography there. The falls face east and get direct light at sunrise, with the sun setting behind the falls in the evening.

You can shoot wide-angle, or zoom in with a longer lens for intimate shots of the water cascading down the cliff. Hiking to the base of the falls gives you different viewpoints and options for photography. On sunny days, looks for a spray rainbow to form near the base of the falls. An aerial perspective is also quite stunning, so consider arranging a flyover tour as well.

Learn more: Click here to learn more about visiting Angel Falls. If you are interested in some extreme Angel Falls adventure, check out Explora Treks.

© Henry Gonzalez (photos), Ian Plant (text).

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