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Buduruwagala Temple

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Why a Wonder: An ancient Buddhist temple with seven 1,000-year-old statues of Buddha that are carved out of the mountainside. The largest statue measures 51 feet from head to toe.

Where: Moneragala, Sir Lanka.

When: November to March are the coolest and driest months, but it can still get very hot and humid.

Photography: If you only want to bring one lens, pack a 24-105mm zoom lens. At the 24mm setting you’ll be able to get all seven statues in one frame; at the 105mm setting you can get some nice portraits of the locals who come to worship.

For a sense of scale, include a person in a photograph.

As always when photograph people, especially at religious sites, it’s important to show respect. Ask first if you want to take a portrait, and work slowly and calmly. If you are photographing a Buddhist monk, a small token of your appreciation is always appreciated.

More: Learn about Why we take pictures in, Photo Therapy Motivation and Wisdom – discovering the power of pictures.

© Rick and Susan Sammon

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