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Cadillac Mountain

Why a Wonder: Cadillac Mountain’s summit, where the morning sunlight first touches the United States for much of the year, is the highest point on the eastern seaboard. The weathered granite of this 1530-foot-high mountain provides an interesting foreground that blends well with the dramatic, colorful skies that often accompany the sun as it rises over Frenchman Bay.

Where: Located on Mount Desert Island inside Acadia National Park, this mountain is just a few miles outside Bar Harbor, Maine. The peak is easily accessible year round, weather permitting, by car on a 3.5 mile winding paved road that turns off the Acadia Park Loop Road. Several rugged trails also lead to the top of Cadillac Mountain.

When: To control the crowds, a reservation is required from mid-May through mid-October for vehicles to access the road. Mid-October offers fall colors that add even more interest to your images. You can expect crowds most mornings, but sunrise is the best time to be there. Sunset can be shot from the western flank of the mountain top where there is also parking.

Photography: The photo thrill on this mountain is sunrise. Find a spot where a slab of granite blocks out the people in front of you. Try to incorporate lichen colors and the rough texture of the granite in your photos. Weather varies a lot on the mountain, so be ready for a wide variety of lighting situations. People stampede off the mountain right after the sun rises. If you can wait for the morning clouds to form over this unique landscape, you may be rewarded for your patience. Even a socked-in, foggy morning on Cadillac Mountain is a colorful, interesting event.

Learn More: Explore Acadia at: Explorer Cadillac Mountain Reservations at:

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