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Camargue Horses

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Why a Wonder: For animal and nature lovers, white horses running at top speed through the water – in ponds and at beaches – can’t be beat.

When: Throughout the year.

Where: Camargue, Southern France.

Photography: If you want to get action shots, you’ll need to participate in a photo workshop or book a private workshop or session.

You’ll need waterproof boots for most of the photo locations, as you’ll be standing in a few inches or more of water. And you’ll need a lens cleaning cloth to wipe water droplets off your lens if the horses get to close to splash you

You’ll want to use two zoom lenses, like a Canon 24-105mm and a Canon 70-200mm. Your photo workshop leader will make suggestions on lens selection before the horses start their run – sometimes right toward you.

When photographing horses in ponds, try to include reflections – and check the bottom of our viewfinder to make sure you have a full reflections.

For sharp shots, set a shutter speed of at least 1/1000th of a second.

To prevent the white of the horses from being overexposed against a dark background, take a test shot before a run and check your highlight alert and histogram.

How close can you get to the horses? Very!

More: Book a workshop or private workshop with Patrice Arguilar – the best in the area.

© Rick Sammon

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