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Cannon Beach

Why a Wonder: Cannon Beach is a visually stunning beach and is home to the famous Haystack Rock, the 235-foot sea stack which is one of Oregon's most recognizable landmarks due to it's size, magnificence and beauty. Cannon Beach is a landscape photographer's dream, due to the beautiful ocean sunsets, sandy beach and beautiful rocks and sea stacks. It is no wonder that National Geographic named Cannon Beach one of the "100 most beautiful places in the world".

Where: Cannon Beach is located on the northwest Oregon coast in Clatsop County, Oregon in the United States. It is approximately 80 miles from the city of Portland and is about a 2-hour drive from the Portland airport.

When: While Cannon Beach is open all year round, the best times to visit are from June through early September. This is when the weather is warmest and there will be increased opportunities to capture the beautiful sunsets on the beach, which make the most dramatic photos for landscape photographers.

Photography: During the summer months, finding a composition to the south of Haystack Rock will increase the chances of capturing beautiful images with gorgeous sunsets. In addition, visiting the nearby Ecola State Park will not only treat you to fantastic views of the beach, but it is also a must visit to capture a bird's eye view of the Oregon coast below, which will give you additional opportunities to capture landscape images of the beach.

It is definitely recommended that you plan to spend several days at Cannon Beach. The weather conditions in this area are changeable and often unpredictable. You should be prepared for the unexpected and it is very important to watch the tides. Rubber boots are always good to have! But even in rainy and cloudy weather, the opportunities to capture beautiful images are endless. Another important thing to remember is to take apart your tripod at the end of the day and clean it out really good. Sand and salt water are not a tripod's friend and giving your tripod a good cleaning after a day of shooting is very important.

Learn more: To learn more about Cannon Beach, and about the city and location, please visit their website at

All images copyrighted by John Dukes Photography LLC


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