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Cathedral Gorge State Park

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Why a Wonder: Beautiful, unusual, and awe-inspiring rock formations that offer many creative composition opportunities – as well as a wonderful outdoor experience.

Where: Near Panaca Nevada, off State Route 93, about two hours north of Las Vegas, Nevada.

When: Spring and Fall. Winter can be cold but is still okay. Summer is very hot.

Photography: Photograph in the early morning or late in the afternoon when side lighting helps you capture the intricate textures and warm colors of the eroded clay.

Color photographs are nice but try some black-and-white conversions. When you remove the color from a photograph, you remove some of the reality of the scene; and when you remove some of the reality, a photograph can, but not always, look more creative and more artistic.

Pack a wide-angle lens. For maximum depth of field, set your lens at a small aperture and focus 1/3 into the scene . . . or use a depth-of-field calculator app.

To get the starburst effect when photographing into the sun, set your lens at f/22. Also try to have the sun just peeking over the horizon or from behind a rock formation. Also be sure to keep your lens clean. A small dot of dust can look like a big blob in a shooting-into-the-sun photograph.

Learn More: Click here to learn more.

© Allan Duff

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