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Farne Islands, Northumberland, England

Why a Wonder: Each year thousands of seabirds – including Atlantic Puffins, Common Murres (Guillemots), Razorbills, Shags, Arctic Terns and Sandwich Terns – come to these islands to nest.

Where: Farne Islands National Trust - off the Northumberland, England coast.

When: In June and July, when the birds come here to nest. The birds leave for the northern seas after nesting.

Photography: There are boats that take you out to the islands from the harbor at Seahouses, England. You can photograph from the boats as they tour the Farne Islands. If the weather is good enough, you can land on Staple Island and/or Inner Farne.

From the boats, you need a long lens and a steady hand. Tripods do not work well on a rocking boat! Maintain a wide stance and roll your body with the motion of the boat. On the islands, I used my 200-500 lens hand-held, but sometimes the birds were too close!

Pick a spot that gives you a chance to catch flying birds – and watch the background. As always, the background can make or break a shot.

Most important, watch the behaviors and then decide what you want to capture and then shoot!

More Info: See this important information from the National Trust. Google Seahouses, England for a listing of companies that offer tours to the islands.

Copyright: ©Lynn Wiezycki 2022. Please visit my Gallery.

This post sponsored by Tenba.

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