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Inle Lake

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Why a Wonder: The leg-rower fishermen seem to defy gravity as they balance on one leg and row with the other – without tipping over their small boat. The long-neck women exude grace and dignity.

Where: Shan State, Myanmar.

When: The Dry Season (October to May).

Photography: Most of the leg-rower fishermen are for hire for a small fee, and most wait for photographers on the water outside the hotels at sunrise and sunset.

You can get nice photographs with a 24-105mm lens from a hired small boat. For up-close-and-personal shots, you may want to get into a fisherman’s boat and photograph the fisherman through his fishing net. As you’ll be in a small boat, it’s best to travel very light: take only one lens, a 15-35mm zoom. Another option is an iPhone.

In the Inle Lake region you’ll also have the opportunity to photograph the long-neck women. A 24-105mnm zoom lens is well-suited for environmental portraits (24mm setting) and head-and-shoulder shots (85-105mm settings).

More: Check out this KelbyOne class, Travel Photography, Making Portraits of Locals.

© Rick and Susan Sammon

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