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Little Finland

Updated: May 22, 2022

Why a Wonder: Little Finland, also known as Hobgoblins, is an out-of-this-world landscape filled with dramatic and strange-looking thin rock formations.

Where: Little Finland is located the Gold Butte National Monument, Nevada – about three hours north of Las Vegas, Nevada before you get to Mesquite. After getting off I-15, it is about a 25 mile very rough road, and then eight miles in a sand wash that requires high clearance 4-wheel drive. This area is very delicate and fragile. Please do not take large groups there and be very, very careful where you walk as to not damage the rock formations.

When: It is an evening shoot when light is low and the side light really shows the textures. Fall, Spring and Winter are best. It’s simply too hot in the summer.

Photography: There are many possibilities to photograph the rock formations in different light and at times of year. You’ll get very dramatic photographs at sunset when there are clouds in the sky.

Little Finland is also a wonderful location for nighttime photography, especially when you "paint" the foreground with a flashlight.

This is wide-angle zoom lens territory. Shoot at a small aperture and focus one-third into the scene for maximum depth-of-field – so your photograph looks like the scene looks to your eyes: everything in focus.

Don't forget your polarizing filter . . . and water!

Learn More: More photos and map, Travel Nevada, and Planning.

© Allan Duff

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