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Maligne Canyon

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Why a Wonder: Maligne Canyon, a slot canyon in Jasper National Park, is considered the most fascinating canyon in the Canadian Rockies. Formed by swirling, churning water that travels mostly underground from Medicine Lake, it is a marvel of karst topography that is over 150 feet deep at several points, about three miles long and at some points less than 7 feet wide.

Where: After a short drive east from Jasper Town Center on Yellowhead Highway (Hwy 16 towards Edmonton), you turn right on Maligne Lake Road toward Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. The canyon is located just off this road with ample parking near the first bridge at the upper end of the canyon and also at the bottom of the canyon at fifth bridge.

When: Any time during the day, year-round, though mornings are the most pleasant time of day to enjoy his heavily visited park feature. The hike down and back up the canyon rim will also be more enjoyable in the cool morning air. This canyon is easily accessible, so you can expect crowds mid-day on most of the trail. Mid-to-late September is a great time to visit the canyon to incorporate fall colors in your photos.

Photography: A long lens will allow you to isolate interesting views inside the deep, dark canyon. A wide variety of lighting situations on this unique landscape will be your reward for visiting, but be prepared to do some HDR processing or exposure blending to control the light extremes and capture the majesty of this beautiful canyon.

Learn More: Go to Maligne Canyon/Jasper National Park website at

© Jerry Whaley

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