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Michoacán’s Monarchs

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Why a Wonder: Ever year, millions of monarch butterflies travel from North America to Michoacán Mexico – where they spend the winter before heading back home. The event, called “over wintering,” is one of the great wildlife migrations on the planet.

Where: Michoacán, Mexico.

When: From November to March, with January and February as peak months.

Photography: You’ll need a local guide to get you to the best locations for photography. From your hotel, you’ll drive to the mountains where the butterflies are hanging out – literally on the trees. From the base of a mountain you’ll need to hike or ride a horse/mule up the mountain to complete your extraordinary photo experience.

Although it’s warm at the base of the mountains, it can be very cold up top. Dress in layers so you’re comfortable while photographing.

Wide-angle photographs, in which thousands of butterflies can fill a frame, tell the story of this location better than close-ups, which can be taken anywhere. That said, take a variety of photographs from wide to macro to tell the entire story of your adventure.

When taking close-ups with a wide-angle lens, set your lens at f/11 or f/22 for good depth-of-field.

Learn More: Read about the butterfly migration in Photo Pursuit.’’

© Rick Sammon

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