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Pumas of Torres del Paine

Why a Wonder: Pumas (known as mountain lions or cougars in North America) are among the biggest and most beautiful wild cats of the Americas, and are the fourth largest cat in the world. Add in the stunning mountain scenery of Patagonia, and you've got a winning recipe for amazing photos!

Where: The best place to photograph pumas is Torres del Paine National Park and the adjacent Ranch Estancia Laguna Amarga, in the Patagonia region of the south part of Chile.

When: Pumas can be seen any time of the year. They breed in spring and have a 3-month gestation. Snow makes off-roading difficult, and most hotels are closed, so winter (May through August) is recommended only for the most adventurous, September (the beginning of spring) through April (the end of autumn) are the best months for viewing pumas.

Photography: Don't expect to just show up and start photographing pumas! You will need to hire a naturalist guide/puma tracker to find pumas and get the best shots. A long zoom lens and a 600mm prime and teleconverter are ideal. If you want to incorporate the beautiful landscape (or photograph it separately), bring a 24-105mm or wider lens.

© Isabel Guerra Clark

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