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Snow Canyon

Why a Wonder: Some folks call this small state park “Little Zion." It is only about an hour from Zion National Park, yet Snow Canyon offers many of the same striking features. . . but without the Zion crowds, which are growing from year to year.

If you love photographing sweeping landscapes in relative solitude, you'll love Snow Canyon.

Where: In Southern Utah, just outside of St. George, Utah.

When: Like most places in the desert southwest, springtime and fall are the best times for milder weather. It rarely snows here, so you can access the park even in winter.

Photography: Early morning and late afternoon are the best times for photography. At those times, the low, directional light emphasizes the textures in the petrified sand dunes, red sandstone, and white rock mountains.

You can also make dramatic photographs after a rainstorm when the potholes are filled with pools of water that create beautiful reflections.

Snow Canyon is wide-angle lens territory, ideal for wide-angle zoom lens photography if you like to travel light.

Key accessories include: a tripod, a polarizing filter and a camera cover (in case it rains). And of course, carry and drink plenty of water while you are out photographing. In the desert, a hydrated photographer is a happy photographer.

If you like black and white photography, try converting your favorite images to black-and-white. And remember, when it comes to black-and-white photography, "Contrast is king."

Learn More: Click this link to learn more about this photo wonder.

© Allan Duff

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