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Tiger's Nest Temple

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Why a Wonder: Bhutan's iconic landmark and religious site, this beautifully constructed Buddhist temple perched, is seemingly precariously, on the side of a nearly vertical mountain.

Where: Para Valley, Bhutan.

When: Throughout the year, but if you go in April, you can also photograph the Paro Festival, which features local dancers in colorful costumes, musical performances and Buddhist monks celebrating ancient rituals.

Photography: The main challenge of getting to Tiger’s Nest Temple is getting there. From the nearest village, it’s a steady up-hill climb on a dirt and stone path to the temple – where the air is thin due to a total elevation of 10,000 feet above sea level. The village is at an altitude of 7,000 feet, so your temple trek is 3,000 feet up – and down.

Many photographers get winded on the trek up the mountain, and are surprised at how devout Buddhist, on a pilgrimage to this sacred site, pass them with ease and with a smile.

It's not allowed to take photographs inside the temple (out of respect for Buddha), so you’ll be taking only outdoor photographs. A 24-105mm lens will help you tell the story of the temple and your experiences on the trail to the temple. Another benefit of this lens is that it will not weigh you down on your journey.

Photographing the temple from the village will convey the remoteness of the structure.

Find a spot along the path for a full frame shot of the beautiful structure.

As you get close to the temple, take pictures through the prayer flags line the upper path.

Learn More: Check out this KelbyOne class, Top Tips for Taking Incredible Travel Photographs.

© Rick Sammon

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