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Why a Wonder: A beautiful and remote section of the Grand Canyon with amazing views of the canyon from 3,000 foot vertical cliffs. The views both north and south are spectacular. What's more, you will not find the crowds that you encounter at the popular Grand Canyon tourist spots. In fact, you will be hard pressed to see another photographer.

Where: Getting there is a challenge, as well as an adventure. The route to Toroweap is off Arizona Highway 389 between Fredonia AZ and St. George UT. Close to Pipe Springs there is a dirt road that heads south for 60 miles. The first 50 miles is a graded road. The last 10 miles, once you cross the National Park Boarder, is very difficult and requires a high clearance, 4-wheel-drive vehicle. You may have to get out and stack rocks to get up some of the slick rock layers. Keeping all this in mind, don't go it alone. Travel with a buddy, or two.

When: This area is best photographed in the spring and fall. The summers are very hot and the winter may have snow on the road, making travel very difficult.

Photography: You'll get your best pictures of Toroweap around sunrise and sunset. Sunrise may be a bit better but sunset is great, too.

Because the vertical cliffs are 3,000 feet high, it takes some courage to get close to the edge for photographs. Be sure careful and cautious when standing close to the edge – and stay clear when wet or windy.

On a sunny day, you will be dealing with a lot of contrast – when one side of the canyon is lit by the sun and the other side is in shadow. When composing a photograph, consider the processing possibilities in Photoshop and Lightroom. You may also want to consider HDR.

The area is also wonderful for Astro photography.

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