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Twenty Mule Team Canyon

Why a Wonder - This is an area off of Death Valley where borax was mined. Now it is a long winding one-way road that is overshadowed by ridges. By climbing a ridge, the view of the surrounding ridges with the desert playa and distant mountains is laid out in front of you. The variety of terrain is what makes this a wonder!

Were: There is a sign at the entrance to the one-way 20 Mule Team Canyon Rd on Hwy 190 not too far from Zabriskie Point. The sign is small so be on the lookout for it!

Photography: Be ready to do a bit of climbing and the ground can be a bit gravelly. The best time to arrive is before sunrise. Set up your tripod with a wide-angle lens but have that telephoto 70-200mm ready as well for more intimate landscapes.

As the sun comes up the colors will go from a flat brown to suddenly shades of teal and lavender. As the sun rises above the mountains, it shines on the mountains across the valley turning those mountains blue and red!

Learn More: Click here to learn more about this wonder of the world.

Click here for more images and my blog post on our visit.

Click here to see my gallery.

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