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Tim Watts
Apr 23, 2022
In Submit Your Wonders
I was lucky enough to travel to Death Valley to take part in a photography workshop in December of 2019. Little did I realize at the time that I was about to come home and go into a "COVID lockdown" with the rest of the world for a couple of years. I had a wonderful time capturing some amazing scenery such as this extra large panoramic image in Alabama Hills, with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the background. This is a combination of roughly 100 high resolution images that have been stitched together once I was back home in Canada. The native full resolution of this image is 120" x 49". I have just finished editing this image for my signature series of panoramic images and it has been sent off to my printer in Toronto to print it at a physical size of 90" x 36" on high gloss HD Metal. There is nothing more exciting than being able to print images at these types of sizes to be able to fully experience the moment again when looking at the scene when it is printed this large.
Sunrise at Alabama Hills - Sierra Nevada Mountain Range content media
Tim Watts

Tim Watts

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